Nutrition For A Triathlon

Herbalife nutrition for the triathlon  helps you prepare, train and recover.

What are the benefits?

” Where do  I start?  Better recovery, better sleep, less flab, stronger muscles and more endurance. In 2003, before Herbalife, I competed in the UK Half-Ironman Triathlon. After the race. it took nearly a week for me to be able to walk down the stairs without holding the banister.

In 2005 I decide to challenge myself even more by completing the UK Full Ironman. This was double the distances of the Half-Ironman and needed a precise nutrition plan incorporating Herbalife Sports Nutrition products.

My mixture of carbohydrates and protein as fuel and protein bars, together with a large shake was tested throughout my training sessions for nearly 9 months. The race went brilliantly, non-stop for 13 hours and finishing in the dark. The miracle was that I was able to carry the suitcases downstairs, from our hotel, the following morning. The pain in my legs had subsided within 48 hours of completing this epic race. That’s all down to brilliant products in a good nutritional plan integrated into your training sessions”

Introduction to Herbalife Sports Nutrition

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