How To Get Lean For Ideal Race Weight?

Endurance athletes are weight-conscious and given the miles and hours spent training, there’s a lot at stake. Weighing in just five or ten pounds over the ideal weight can dramatically impact race results. Matt Fitzgerald gives tips on how triathletes can improve diet and manage appetite.

Yes saying to healthy foods is better than saying no to your favourite indulgence. Focussing on eating good stuff, rather than eating less bad stuff will naturally leave you full and hence cutting back on the junk!

Whats the good stuff?

Fruits and vegetables? See the amount of fibre in fruit. Soluble fibre found in apples and citrus fruits dissolves to form a soft gel. Soluble fiber binds 20-200 times its weight in water, becoming a viscous, slow-moving solution. Soluble fibre exits the stomach more slowly and helps your stomach feel full longer.

What types of protein? Include hunger-fighting protein at each meal and snack.  Get a balance between animal and vegetable protein

Ideas for pre-race meals.  This is when foods high in fibre and fat are not ideal as they delay digestion time.  Light or liquid meals digest more quickly than solid ones.