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How Lukas Verzbicas Fuels His Training?

Up-and-coming American triathlete Lukas Verzbica has partnered with Herbalife24 in 2013.

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How important has nutrition been in your training and recovery?
Nutrition fuels the body, simply put whatever you put into your body you get out of it in terms of performance.

We know you’ve partnered with @Herbalife24 over the past couple of months, can you tell us what they’ve brought to the table?
Herbalife24 has backed me with superb nutrition that helped my body regenerate after fully breaking down, now fuels training

Any pre race rituals?”
Full concentration. Being so in the moment that I know nothing but the race ahead of me. Nutritionally taking in caffeine before a race specifically @Herbalife24 Prepare 2 scoops with 1 scoop of prolong

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What is a typical day for Lukas Verzbicas?

“November 16th 2012: wake up 6:20am drink Herbalife Formula 1 sport shake while getting dressed, get out and go for a 10k morning run with other triathletes at around 6:45 pace along with drills and stretching. 8am breakfast. Nap for around an hour at noon and work on some online college classes until 3:45pm. 4pm 5 mile run at 6 minute mile pace on antigravity treadmill 90% body weight. 4:45pm lift weights and work on core strength for an hour. 6pm 90 minute swim session 5k working on endurance.”

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