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Heather Jackson Training Food Diary

Interesting article showing an example of Heather Jacksons food diary.  Clearly she uses periodisation training principles with her diet, changing her diet as the race approaches. Food Diary 6 A.M.: Wake up and have 2 cups of coffee with cream. 6:45-8:15 A.M.: Swim

How Lukas Verzbicas Fuels His Training?

Up-and-coming American triathlete Lukas Verzbica has partnered with Herbalife24 in 2013. Extracts from an interview with How important has nutrition been in your training and recovery? Nutrition fuels the body, simply put whatever you put into your body you

Heather Jackson Interview About Training In Oregon

2012 Wildflower Champion Heather Jackson discusses training in Bend, Oregon. Heather is a Herbalife 24 Sponsored Athlete. She talks about the 24 products around 7 mins in. Follow Heather’s training: @hjacksonracing