Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles

We’re excited to announce that this year, Herbalife have taken title sponsor position for the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles, 2012.

Date: September 30 2012
Sign up: Registration website
Event details: Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles

The Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles takes place right in our backyard on the streets of Los Angeles, and finishes, quite literally, on our doorstep in Nokia Plaza at LA Live.

The race offers something for everyone:

  • Sprint Course –  If it is your first time taking on the sport of triathlon you can sign up for the sprint distance event. (Swim: .4 miles at Venice Beach. Bike: 14.1 miles through Venice, the Fairfax District, and into Downtown LA. Run: 3.1 miles through Downtown and ending at LA Live.)
  • Olympic Course – If you have Tri experience, you could tackle the full-on Olympic distance parcours. (Swim: .9 miles at Venice Beach. Bike: 24 miles through Venice, the Fairfax District, and into Downtown LA. Run: 6.2 miles through Downtown and ending at LA Live.)
  • 5K Run Only – If you want to join the fun in a more manageable way then you can take a pass on cycling and ocean swimming altogether, and run a 5k through the streets of downtown Los Angeles.
  • Bike Only – If you’re a cyclist, then you can test your legs against the clock in a bike-only, 40k time trial.
  • Herbalife Corporate Cup – If you’re more of a team person, you can enter the relay or corporate challenge – these are sure to help you build morale, confidence and fitness.

As an LA-based company that is passionate about promoting, and engaging in, healthy, active lifestyles, we couldn’t be more proud to align ourselves with this event.  Many of our employees and independent distributors train in the LA area year ‘round and relish the rare opportunity to demonstrate their fitness on closed Los Angeles streets.  We’re excited that on a Sunday morning in September, we can hop on our bikes and literally ride from Venice Beach to the Herbalife offices in less time than it’ll take us to go the same distance the following Monday morning in a car.

Herbalife has been involved with the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles since its early days.  There is nothing that gets us pumped up quite like seeing the plaza outside our offices filled with healthy bodies, friends, families, and smiling (tired and sweaty) faces.   It really is the taking part that counts because, while not everyone can be the fastest, we can all push ourselves further and beat our personal goals.  When it comes down to it, we can all do more than we realize.

Train hard.  Race smart.